Haseul, a former member of the disbanded K-pop girl group Loona, has signed an exclusive contract with Modhaus, the company said Wednesday.

“We will do our best to help Haseul show off her talents and meet with her fans in many ways,” said Modhaus in a press release on Wednesday.

With Haseul joining the agency, Modhaus now houses a total of five former members of Loona: Heejin, Kimlip, Jinsoul, Choerry and Haseul.

They will be part of the agency’s Artms project, under which the agency plans to debut different units consisting of former Loona members.

The first unit to return to the music scene is Odd Eye Circle, which consists of Kim Lip, Jinsoul and Choerry.

Odd Eye Circle made its debut in 2017 with its first mini album “Mix&Match.”

This marks the unit’s first comeback since the group Loona disbanded.

They are set to release a new album soon and embark on their first Europe tour “Volume Up” in August, according to Modhaus.

Now disbanded 12-piece Loona made its debut in December 2018 and quickly rose to stardom. However, the financial difficulties of its agency BlockBerry Creative and a dispute between the company and artists soon led to the band’s disbanding.

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