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BTS RM’s latest track, “Lost,” showcases his vast imagination, both as an artist and a person.

On May 24, HYBE’s official channel released the music video for the BTS leader’s latest track from his second solo album, “Right Place, Wrong Person,” “LOST.” 

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“LOST” is a fast-tempo alternative pop song with a hopeful message: Though everything seems lost, things will go well if you have friends willing to stay by your side. The music video follows RM’s journey through a maze of thoughts set on a famous TV show. He begins to sing the first verse but quickly gets lost as his surroundings change. 

As he falls into confusion, his inner emotions, such as optimism and cynicism, personify into characters that follow him. RM’s imagination shines through the music video as he wanders through the maze-like TV station office, followed by his personified emotions, and finally finds an emergency exit and escapes! 

 As applause rings out upon his escape, he realizes that the “LOST!” performance has ended, leaving him bewildered by the vividness of his maze-like journey. Though RM succeeds in escaping, the four emotions accompanying him remain trapped in the maze, adding a lingering impression.

The music video is filled with an imaginative storyline and visuals. Directed by French director Aube Perrie, renowned for his work on Harry Styles’ music videos, the visual fun created by irregularly changing characters, objects, and space dimensions makes the video stand out even more.

BTS’ loyal fans, ARMY, praised RM for his lyricism, poetry, wordplay, and vast imagination, which is certainly a unique quality. Only seven hours after its release, “LOST” is already trending on YouTube Music worldwide. 

RM’s second solo album, “Right Place, Wrong Person,” deals with moments when one feels like a stranger in a place. RM delivers a message that resonates with anyone who has ever felt this universal emotion and those who struggle to find answers. The new album includes 11 tracks, including the title track, “LOST!,” and RM participated in writing the lyrics for all the songs, showcasing his musical talent.

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