On June 16 (local time), BTS‘ digital single Take Two, which was released on June 9 to commemorate their 10th anniversary, ranked 59th in this week’s Top 100 Singles (16th-22nd) on UK’s Official Chart. BTS appeared on the chart with a total of 23 songs, beginning with DNA, which peaked at number 90 in September 2017, and concluding with Take Two this time around. DynamiteButter and My Universe came in third and fourth, respectively. Life Goes On came in 10th, putting four songs in the top 10.

BTS’ achievements: 

The book BEYOND THE STORY: BTS’ 10-YEAR RECORD by BTS appears on the comprehensive bestseller list, which was released on June 16th. The list was led by BTS’ book. Since June 15 when pre-orders for the Korean version began, it has been a day. Beyond the Story is a piece of content in which BTS looks back on their activities and promises an emergency to mark the 10th anniversary of their debut. It examines the members’ efforts and growth process from their first meeting to becoming ‘pop icons of the 21st century,’ focusing on interviews with the members. For the benefit of readers all over the world, the book will be published in a total of 23 languages, including Korean, English, and Japanese, on July 9th.

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