On November 2, 2023, BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung surpassed BLACKPINK’s record of 233 million streams and became the 4th most streamed Korean act as of October 2023, with over 244 million streams.

Meanwhile, Jungkook, with over 512 million streams, BTS, with over 412 million streams, and NewJeans, with over 265 million streams, have been leading the charts worldwide. Now, Kim Tae-hyung has also joined the list by gaining a significant number of streams daily.

As the singer of Love Me Again was declared the 4th most streamed Korean act in October 2023, surpassing BLACKPINK’s group record, Kim Tae-hyung’s fans rejoiced and took to social media to heap praise on their idol for his talent and how his substantial music consistently dominates the music charts

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