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Seventeen, ENHYPEN, and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) achieve remarkable success, solidifying their roles in the music scene worldwide.

According to the Boxscore annual mid-year report released by the American charting system Billboard on May 30, Seventeen and ENHYPEN ranked 16th and 34th, respectively, in the “Top Tours Category.”

Boy group Seventeen ranked the highest among K-pop artists. During the reporting period, the group attracted 552,000 spectators within 18 performances, and their ticket sales reached 67.5 million dollars, approximately 93.4 billion KRW.

In 2023, Seventeen demonstrated strong ticket power, hosting their largest five-dome tour in Japan, followed by stadium tours in Bangkok, the Philippines, and Macau. Seventeen is estimated to have met more than 1 million CARATs (their fandom) through fan meetings and live-streaming.

As stated in the mid-year report, ENHYPEN was able to mobilize approximately 198,000 people through their second world tours, “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE'” and “ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE PLUS’ in SEOUL,” achieving 35.5 million dollars in ticket sales, approximately 49 billion KRW.

In the K-pop genre alone, Seventeen and ENHYPEN ranked first and second in the “Top Tours” category, followed by TOMORROW X TOGETHER in fifth place. TXT met fans worldwide last December with their “TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR ‘ACT’: SWEET MIRAGE.”

Thanks to the immense success of Seventeen, ENHYPEN, and TXT, HYBE, a leading music company, secured the 7th spot in the highly competitive ‘Top Promoters’ category. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as HYBE is the only Korean company to make it into the top ten.

Seventeen, ENHYPEN, and TXT are all set to make even bigger waves in the music industry. After a successful run of four stadium concerts in Korea and Japan, Seventeen is gearing up for a new world tour in the second half of 2024, promising more exciting performances and interactions with their fans.

ENHYPEN and TXT are currently on world tours. ENHYPEN successfully completed their “FATE PLUS” tours in five US cities and will head to Japan and Indonesia from June to September. TXT, who kicked off their world tour in Seoul last May, will continue their tour in the US with “TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR ‘ACT: PROMISE.”

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Deja Vu’ Official MV
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TXT (투모로우바이투게더), Anitta ‘Back for More’ Official MV

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