2023 has been another successful year for K-pop as the music genre continues to receive immense recognition worldwide.

This recognition not only highlights the immense impact of K-pop on the international music scene but also underscores the dedicated fanbases that have propelled these groups to unprecedented heights.

Notably, Jungkook has been nominated for four different categories – Male Artist of the YearPop Artist of the Year, New Artist of the Year, and Collaboration Song of the Year.

Korean fans who discovered that Jungkook had been nominated in four different categories couldn’t help but be impressed. They commented, “Jungkook is amazing, being nominated with all those pop stars,” “Wow, this is so impressive,” “Wow, look at all the nominees,” and “I hope Jungkook wins the awards!”

On the other hand, TXT and Stray Kids are up against each other as they have been nominated for the Best Group/ Duo of the Year.

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