MANILA – The newly-formed pop group HORI7ON, a product of the talent show “Dream Maker,” made its biggest step as it inked an exclusive contract with ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment on Friday. 

The seven-member pop group thus begaqn their journey to the global stage as official Kapamilya and MLD Entertainment artists in an event dubbed as “HORI7ON, Onward: The Contract Signing.”

Kim, Winston, Vinci, Jeromy, Reyster, Marcus, and Kyler could not help but be excited to conquer a bigger stage as they signed the contract – a move that strengthens their goal to establish a name in the international music scene.

“Itong day na ito ‘yung nagso-solidy sa ‘min as a group kasi nase-cement na talaga namin ‘yung place namin sa representation namin sa global stage for the Philippines. We’re so excited na magpatuloy pa ito,” Vinci said.

“This is definitely one of the most special days, important days as a group HORI7ON. I think, it’s a blessing that we all just came from joining ‘Dream Maker’ and we were the chosen seven to continue our dreams,” Marcus added. 

Present during the contract signing were Star Magic Head Laurenti Dyogi and MLD Entertainment CEO Lee Hyoungjin. 

According to Hyoungjin, HORI7ON has the qualities of both a K-pop and a P-pop group – a first of its kind. 

“I think the HORI7ON is a group that has best qualities of K-pop, what makes a K-pop group and P-pop group. With that, both of the best qualities of K-pop and P-pop, HORI7ON is the first group ever to be showcasing both of these qualities to the global world,” he said at the start of the event.

Meanwhile, Dyogi also explained that the new pop group is different from the ABS-CBN-formed BINI and BGYO, since the members of HORI7ON were chosen by the public. 

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