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eJe – 너 같은 비 (Rain Like You) MV

Digital Single [Rain Like You] is a breakup song by singer-songwriter eJe with a beautiful voice like an aurora borealis.

Digital Single [Rain Like You] is an R&B-style medium pop song that expresses how the memories and longing of a past lover fall on the heart like rain.

The song’s emotional ambience, dancing piano melody, guitar sound, and eJe’s voice that covers the top of the song, make listeners recall the loneliness of a rainy day and the warm memories contained in it, giving them deep empathy.

“Especially when it rains without warning like today, I hate it, rain like you”

The song captures the emotion of having mixed memories of a departed lover when sudden rain ruins the mood of the day, and eJe’s clear but husky voice further stimulates the lonely feelings.

Through the digital single “Rain Like You,” you can share the complex emotions of love and separation together and look forward to the new hope that will come after the rain stops.

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