“Butter”, released in May, topped the US Billboard Main Singles Chart `”Hot 100” for 6 consecutive weeks, and the new song included in the single CD “Butter” released on July 9th. BTS (Bangtan Boys) has high expectations for the charts .

It’s no secret that BTS brought K-pop to the world’s attention, but they’re also helping spread other aspects of Korean culture around the world.

For example, BTS is currently creating a boom around the world due to their collaboration with McDonald’s, and an illustration of Hong Gil-dong drawn by Jimin that was posted on McDonald’s official Twitter on the 12th of last month became a hot topic.

This illustration of his led him to widely promote Korean culture such as Hangul, *perenyi, and traditional costumes. This led to the sale of his official T-shirts, which attracted a lot of attention from fans in Korea and overseas.

Jimin received praise from America’s Glitter Magazine for his performance using a fan at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, which said, “It was breathtakingly mesmerizing and powerful. It even made me feel awe.” Sometimes.

He is so flamboyant on stage, and because he used to do modern dance, he has a strong image of a sophisticated aristocrat, but he actually likes to eat tteokbokki and spicy ramen, which are synonymous with Korean B-class gourmet food.

A few years ago, images of him eating tteokbokki and ramen became a hot topic among fans around the world, and sales of tteokbokki increased. Coincidentally, in that year, South Korea’s export value of processed rice foods exceeded $100 million for the first time. In addition, “Buldak Pokkeun Noodles”, which Jimin is famous for eating during breaks in his schedule, achieved record sales due to the enthusiastic response overseas.

Buldak Pokkeun noodles (Image source: Samyang Foods)

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