BLACKPINK’s Lisa has ignited the holiday season with a K-pop twist on Britney Spears’ festive classic, ‘My Only Wish (This Year).’ The cover, released as a special Christmas treat, blends the infectious rhythm of the original with Lisa’s unique vocal charm, creating an unexpected convergence of Western and K-pop cultures.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Infuses Britney Spears’ Classic with K-pop Charm

Adding her unique K-pop flair to the Christmas tune, Lisa’s rendition has been warmly received by fans. The cover’s unveiling was accompanied by a retro-styled picture shared on Lisa’s Instagram, described as a ‘Christmas present for my BLINKS,’ BLACKPINK’s dedicated fanbase. The picture, reminiscent of fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie’s visual announcements for her label OA, further stirred discussions among fans about Lisa’s solo ventures.

Notably, Lisa’s cover release closely followed Jennie’s announcement of her new label, Odd Atelier (OA), signaling a possible shift in YG Entertainment’s management approach towards individual activities of BLACKPINK members.

Lisa’s Cover Sparks Speculation and Excitement

Fans on social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit have expressed their enthusiasm for Lisa’s cover, with some suggesting that YG Entertainment may have previously limited her solo projects. This speculation has been fueled by the timing of Lisa’s cover release, following closely on the heels of Jennie’s announcement.

Stirring up even more excitement, fans can anticipate the virtual concert BLACKPINK: A VR Encore, which will showcase Lisa and allow fans to witness the final show of the Born Pink world tour in Seoul, South Korea on Dec. 26.

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