V of boy band BTS topped music charts around the world with his latest single “Fri(end)s.”
V’s new single, released while he is still completing his military service, topped the iTunes Top Song charts in 87 regions around the world on Saturday morning, a day after the song’s release on Friday.

The song had already topped the Worldwide iTunes Song and European iTunes Song charts on Friday, just hours after its release.

“Fri(end)s” also landed at No. 2 on Japanese music chart Oricon’s Daily Digital Single Ranking on Sunday.
“Fri(end)s” is a “sweet love serenade fit for the rosy vibe of spring,” according to V’s agency BigHit Music. The pop R&B track is based on the idea of wanting to end a friendship and develop a romantic one, playing on the word “friend” and “end.”
The singer is currently in the Korean Army completing his mandatory military service, which he is expected to complete in June 2025.

V ‘FRI(END)S’ Official MV

Who Is V?

V (Kim Tae-hyung) is from the K-pop group BTS:
V is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor who is a member of the hugely popular boy band BTS. Some key facts about V:

His full name is Kim Tae-hyung, and his stage name is V.

He was born on December 30, 1995 in Daegu, South Korea.

He joined BTS in 2013 as the “secret member” whose existence was initially kept hidden from fans.

As a member of BTS, V is the lead dancer, sub-vocalist, and visual of the group.

He has contributed to BTS’ music by co-writing and composing songs like “Hold Me Tight”, “Run”, and his solo tracks “Stigma” and “Singularity”.

V has also pursued acting, making his debut in the 2016 historical drama “Hwarang”.

Outside of BTS, V is part of a friend group of singers and actors called the “Wooga Squad”.

In 2023, V made his official solo debut with the mini-album “Layover”.

V is known for his versatile “duality” as a performer, able to evoke a range of emotions on stage.

In summary, V is a highly talented and popular member of the global K-pop phenomenon BTS, known for his musical contributions, acting, and unique stage presence.

What Are V’s Hobbies?

Photography – V enjoys photography and goes by the nickname “Vante”, which was inspired by the painters Vincent Van Gogh and Ante Badzim. He uses photography to express his artistic side.

Art – V is a talented artist and enjoys creating drawings, paintings, and other forms of visual art. He has become more open about sharing his artistic creations on social media.

Golf – V recently developed an interest in golf after watching the movie “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. He bought golf shoes the day after watching the film and has been enjoying the sport.

Music – As a member of BTS, V is passionate about music and has co-written and composed songs for the group. He has also pursued solo musical projects.

Movies – V is a big movie fan and his interest in golf stemmed from watching the film “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. He enjoys exploring different genres of film.

Jazz – V has expressed an interest in jazz music and has been learning to play the trumpet.

In summary, V’s main hobbies revolve around creative pursuits like photography, art, and golf, while his broader interests include music, movies, and jazz. He uses these activities to express his artistic side outside of his work with BTS.

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