BLACKPINK has just set new records within Spotify, one of the most important platforms in the world, once again consolidating their enormous impact on the music industry.

Blackpink’s Achievements in Spotify

  • First Girl Group with 3.1 Billion streams in one year.
  • First Girl Group with the most songs that exceed 300 million streams
  • First Girl Group with 12 Billion Streams across all credits

Recently BLACKPINK has just surpassed 3.1 Billion streams on Spotify this year despite not having released a group album and only offering a non-promotional track for their video game “The Game.” This milestone has made them the First Female Group to achieve these figures in a single calendar year within the platform.

Additionally, one of their latest achievement comes with “Typa Girl,” an English-language song blending hip-hop, trap, electronica, and dance-pop, featured on the group’s album “Born Pink.”

This track has now crossed the 300 million streams threshold on Spotify, marking it as the 16th song by BLACKPINK to reach this milestone. This accomplishment not only sets a new record for girl groups but also extends their lead over Little Mix, who currently have 7 songs surpassing 300 million streams on the platform

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