TWS is a boy group introduced by Pledis Entertainment, nine years after Seventeen, and the first debut act of 2024 confidently presented by HYBE Labels. The group is composed of six elite members known for their solid performance skills, visuals, and exceptional musical sense.

The group name TWS stands for ‘TWENTY FOUR SEVEN WITH US’, where the numbers 24 and 7 represent ‘all moments’, meaning ‘Always with TWS’.

They aim to become precious friends who make the ordinary lives of the public and fans special at all times and places through their music.

TWS introduces a unique genre called Boyhood Pop, an expansion of their clear and refreshing team identity. Boyhood Pop refers to fantastic and sensual music that evokes beautiful sentiments in everyday life.

Their debut album ‘Sparkling Blue’ is filled with sparkling and refreshing melodies, following the sentiment of Boyhood Pop. The natural and honest musical style of TWS, like conversations with friends during breaks, is impressive.

‘Sparkling Blue’ includes a total of five tracks, including the title track ‘First Meetings Don’t Go as Planned’, ‘unplugged boy’, ‘first hooky’, ‘BFF’, and ‘Oh Mymy: 7s’ which was pre-released on the 2nd.

The title track ‘First Meetings Don’t Go as Planned’ is about overcoming the vague uncertainty experienced in the excitement of first meetings with the anticipation of shining days to come together. The song, a hybrid pop genre with intense drums, thrilling guitars, and synth sounds, delivers its message powerfully through the contrast between the lyrics and sound sources.

TWS (투어스) 1st Mini Album ‘Sparkling Blue’ Highlight Medley

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