iHeartRadio Music Awards” is a music award ceremony hosted by the American online radio station iHeartRadio since 2014, and will be broadcast on iHeartRadio for one year.

Awards will be given to the artists and songs that have been played the most on stations and apps. The 2024 award ceremony is scheduled to be held on April 1st in Los Angeles, USA. “Best New Artist (K-POP)” is one of three new K-POP categories established this year.

BOYNEXTDOOR debuted in May 2023 and was nominated for this category after showing off their fresh performance and free-spirited energy. Within a year of their debut, BOYNEXTDOOR has won a total of eight trophies at major award ceremonies both domestically and internationally.

In Korea, member WOONHAK has been featured on SBS’s “Inkigayo”, JAEHYUN has been featured on Mnet’s “M COUNTDOWN”, and other members. Two of the six members serve as MCs on popular music programs, proving that they are newcomers whose future activities are expected to continue. On SBS’s “Inkigayo” broadcast on January 21st, member TAESAN also appeared as a special MC, co- hosting the program with regular MC WOONHAK and actor Park Ji Hoo.

TAESAN and WOONHAK appeared wearing splendid costumes with a ‘prince’ concept, and showed a perfect chemistry with their teamwork honed through group activities.

BOYNEXTDOOR (보이넥스트도어) ‘뭣 같아’ Official MV
BOYNEXTDOOR (보이넥스트도어) ‘One and Only’ Official MV

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