TripleS, a K-Pop group with a unique structure, introduced four new members, including JooBin, who was born in 2009 and is only 14 years old. This decision by the company MODHAUS has sparked concern among netizens, who are disappointed and frustrated with the choice to debut such a young idol. Fans are highlighting the challenges and hardships faced by idols, especially at a young age. The debate around introducing idols at a young age in the demanding world of K-Pop continues.

In the world of K-Pop, there’s always been a heated debate about introducing idols to the stage at a very young age. Whether it’s Taemin from SHINee, Chiquita from BABYMONSTER, or Jang Wonyoung from IVE, who all started their careers at just 14, many people think it’s too early for them.

TripleS, a group known for its unique structure with members rotating between various subunits, recently introduced four new members in a video posted on December 31. In the video, the members shared their names and ages.

While three members were born in 2006 and 2007, the shocking revelation came when netizens discovered that JooBin, who was previously announced, was born in 2009. This means she is only 14 years old

tripleS 트리플에스 : JooBin.SSS

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