Rookie girl group New Jeans have climbed to their highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 list with their song OMG. Only last month, the rookie group became the quickest K-pop group to have multiple songs on the Billboard Hot 100. When OMG was released, it was quick to join their other track Ditto on the charts.

Since the song’s release, it has been making its way up the chart unhindered for 3 weeks. It initially debuted at No. 91 and then rose to No. 79 last week. It finally landed on No. 77 on the February 11th chart, making it their highest ranked song. Ditto isn’t far behind either, steadily holding on to the Hot 100, only falling one spot lower to No. 90 this week

OMG also remains strong five weeks later on the Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales, holding its position at No. 5 while Ditto is steady at No. 12 seven weeks after its release. In Billboard’s Global Charts, Ditto stood at No. 9 and No. 12 on the Global 200. Whereas Ditto made its way to No. 11 on both of those charts this week.

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