TAN celebrates their 2nd anniversary with a special digital single release “SEVEN FOREVER,” showcasing their growth, musicality, and gratitude towards fans through a unique busking event.

In a move that has thrilled fans, the group TAN is marking its second year in the music industry by engaging with fans in a unique and memorable way. Known for their dynamic presence and impressive musical range, TAN (comprising members ChangSun, JooAn, Jaejun, Sunghyuk, Hyeonyeop, TaeHoon, and Jisung) is set to unveil their digital single “SEVEN FOREVER” at 12 PM KST on March 10th, across major music charts. This surprise release is not just any release; it’s a testament to their journey, growth, and the unbreakable bond they share with their fans.

The anticipation doesn’t end with the digital drop. TAN has also organized a special busking event at Sinchon Star Plaza at 1:30 PM KST on the same day, offering a rare opportunity for fans to interact with the members up close. This gesture is a heartfelt nod to their debut two years ago, on March 10th, and is a reflection of their gratitude and love for their supporters.

“SEVEN FOREVER” is more than just a single; it’s a narrative of TAN’s journey since their debut. The group, which came into the limelight through the MBC boy group audition program “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol,” has reinterpreted five of the show’s iconic tracks for this release. Each member has poured their soul into re-recording tracks like “Last Chance,” “Born To Be Wild,” and “I Won’t Deploy the Parachute,” among others, showcasing their evolved musicality and matured vocal tones. This project is a bridge between their past and present, offering fans a glimpse into their growth and the depth of their artistry.

TAN’s debut through “Extreme Debut: Wild Idol” was no small feat. Subjected to rigorous training and challenges, their journey from trainees to debuting as TAN (an acronym for To All Nations) encapsulates their dedication, perseverance, and passion for their craft.

As TAN embarks on this new chapter, the release of “SEVEN FOREVER” is not just a celebration of their past two years but also a promise of the music and memories yet to come. Their journey from survival show contestants to beloved artists has been nothing short of inspirational. As we look forward to their future endeavors, one thing is clear: TAN’s story is still being written, and if “SEVEN FOREVER” is any indication, it’s one that promises to captivate and inspire for years to come.

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