STAYC reimagines TWICE’s ‘Fancy’ in a viral cover during their European tour, setting a new standard for K-Pop creativity and innovation.

STAYC, the rising stars of K-Pop, have once again proved their mettle by delivering a groundbreaking cover of TWICE’s hit song ‘Fancy’ during the first leg of their European tour, TEEN FRESH. The performance, which took place in a venue packed with 3,000 enthusiastic fans, was not just another rendition but a completely reimagined version that has taken the internet by storm, showcasing the group’s innovative approach to music.

Revolutionizing the Cover Scene

The cover of ‘Fancy’ presented by STAYC was anything but typical. By altering the instrumental, the group added a fresh twist to the beloved track, demonstrating their artistic growth and ability to push boundaries within the K-Pop genre. Revealed during their London show, the performance included hits like ‘Poppy,’ ‘So Bad,’ and ‘RUN2U,’ along with fan favorites ‘Like This,’ ‘Young Luv,’ and ‘Slow Down.’ However, it was their rendition of ‘Fancy’ that stole the spotlight, quickly becoming a viral sensation.

A Collaboration with Spotify

In a reveal that has only added to the anticipation, Sieun, a member of STAYC, announced that this special performance was part of a collaboration project with Spotify, with an official release date set for March 15. This innovative approach not only highlights STAYC’s versatility but also their strategic partnerships, aiming to reach a broader audience. The reaction online was immediate, with fancams of the performance amassing over 20,000 likes, signaling a strong approval from fans across the globe.

The Ripple Effect

This viral success has not just been about showcasing STAYC’s creativity; it has also sparked a conversation about the desire for more K-Pop groups to explore similar creative projects. As the countdown to the Spotify release continues, fans and industry observers alike are keen to see how this move will influence other artists within the genre. STAYC’s reimagined ‘Fancy’ is not just a tribute to TWICE but a testament to the infinite creativity and innovation that lies within K-Pop.

STAYC(스테이씨) ‘Bubble’ MV

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