K-pop girl group STAYC have announced an upcoming single album titled ‘Teddy Bear’, due out on Valentine’s Day.

The High Up Entertainment girl group took to their official social media yesterday (January 31) to share a “collage image” for the comeback and its the title, format and release date. Revealed to be a single album titled ‘Teddy Bear’, the record is currently slated for release on February 14. Other key details, namely its track-list, have yet to be unveiled at the time of publication.

The long-awaited announcement of STAYC’s comeback comes only a few days after a new interview with the six-piece, during which the members teased new details of the single album. “What STAYC pursues and is best at is conveying bright energy and a hopeful message. In our upcoming album, that vibe is especially captured well. To the point where you could say our new track is STAYC’s identity,” group leader Sumin told Singles Magazine, as translated by Soompi.

Elsewhere in the interview, the band also shared some insight into their personal approaches to live performances as well as rehearsals. “I always bear in mind that the overall situation cannot always be good. We perform live for most of our performances and in order to courageously deal with any kind of environment, we prioritise connecting with the live audience,” explained main vocalist Sieun.

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