Spotify is once again catering to its audience by releasing a quiz to “discover your K-pop persona.” The quiz is one of many new temporary features the streaming giant has released in the past few years, presumably attempting to replicate the hype for the yearly Spotify Wrapped.

But while Spotify Wrapped unveils your year in music through stats, this new quiz announces your K-pop personality type. You answer questions that are both broad and oddly specific to determine whether you’re a Rapper, Main Visual, Trainee, Main Dancer, or Main Vocalist in your imaginary K-pop group

Once completed, fans will get a little “photocard” to go with their results, giving a nod to the fan base they’re trying to impress. It’s available to anyone on Spotify, and will only be available for a limited time. 

This is just one of many attempts Spotify has made in recent months to cater to specific fan bases. The platform also released a similar temporary feature for Swifties earlier this year, where fans could rank their top five favourite “Eras” of Taylor Swift’s music. 

Both of these show Spotify’s eagerness to please the audiences that use their platform using specific, well-researched features. Whatever the reason, the quiz is intriguing K-pop fans enough to partake – what did you get?