Nearly dance-free and with a direct tilt toward Japan’s market, Twice demonstrate that croquet, sleepovers and being open together make for captivating up-tempo pop.

The powerful pop freshness of Twice strikes again. The group debuted their “Brand New Girl” video on Feb. 22 to demonstrate myriad ways that talent defeats the blahs, and how revitalization is within reacWith more than 2 million views the next day on YouTube, “Brand New Girl” looks to be a repeat for their impressive progress. Female champions of last year’s K-pop impact on the U.S. music charts, Twicetagram and the song “Likey” both went to No. 1 on Billboard’s World Albums and World Digital Song Sales charts, respectively.

In December we wondered whether “Heart Shaker” would hit hard — more than 130 million views two months later leave no doubt. “Likey,” which dropped in October, is nearing 200 million views — a stratosphere that proves Twice are resonating with fans.

Twice’s “One More Time” started their emphasis on the Japanese music market, which was followed by “Candy Pop” and now “Brand New Girl.” Three of the band members are Japanese and, consistent with much new K-pop, there is also plenty of English for U.S. ears to latch onto.


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