Preorders for Seventeen‘s upcoming EP “Seventeenth Heaven” reached 5.2 million copies on Monday, making it the most preordered K-pop album ever.  
“Seventeenth Heaven” is Seventeen’s 11th EP set for release on Monday.  
Preorder numbers for “Seventeenth Heaven” had already surpassed 4.67 million copies as of Oct. 12, the number reached by Seventeen’s previous album “FML.”

“Seventeenth Heaven” is a play on the phrase “Seventh Heaven,” which refers to a state of pure joy and happiness, Pledis Entertainment said.
The lead track of the EP will be “God Of Music,” and will contain seven more tracks: “SOS (Prod. Marshmello),” “Diamond Days,” “Back 2 Back,” “Monster,” “Yawn,” “Headliner” followed by an instrumental version of “God Of Music.”  
“God Of Music” will be a soul-punk song featuring upbeat synth and brass tunes, Pledis Entertainment said.

SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) ‘음악의 신’ Official MV

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