Six-member K-pop girl group IVE had a quick chat with Lifestyle Asia Singapore in an exclusive interview while on the road for their first headlining concert, The Prom Queens.

Getting recognised as one of the top K-pop music acts of the current fourth generation is no easy feat. But Starship Entertainment girl group IVE (labelmates of boyband CRAVITY) had the makings of success since their debut in 2021.

Consisting of members An Yu-jin, who is also the group’s leader, Jang Wonyoung, GAEUL, LIZ, Rei, and Leeseo, the sextet made a huge splash with their first single album ELEVEN. To nobody’s surprise, their trajectory to stardom rose steadily after.

The Road to I’VE IVE and ‘The Prom Queens’

IVE isn’t Yu-jin’s and Wonyoung’s first gig in a girl group. Both girls previously debuted in popular project group IZ*ONE, with Wonyoung being the centre and face of that group. And yea, no prizes for guessing correctly that the latter is also IVE’s centre.

Although IVE wasn’t birthed out of the ‘big four’ K-pop entertainment companies in South Korea (aka HYBE, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and YG Entertainment), their songs continuously made waves. The group, after all, is a darling to both critics and listeners alike.

Most notably, they set the record for the third-fastest girl group in history to win a Daesang (a top and best-equivalent award) at MMA (Melon Music Awards) 2022.

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