K-pop group Fifty Fifty has crossed 100 million views for the first time with the music video for their smash hit song Cupid. On July 4th, the MV officially cleared the major benchmark on YouTube.

They released the song towards the end of February, which means it only took them four months to reach this milestone.

The group is currently in the middle of major drama surrounding their agency ATRAKT as well as their CEO. The members have filed for the termination of their exclusive contracts as their legal representative claimed the agency had not followed through on multiple points of their contract.

“Despite our young age, the four members have tried our best to think and behave independently. After sufficient discussion with our parents, we came to raise the issue with the help of our legal representative. Nevertheless, ATTRAKT is not listening to the voices of the members, saying that it was an attempt to extort the members by an external force and arbitrarily disclosing the reason for a member’s surgery without consulting with her while they are unable to clearly explain their breach of contract. The members were highly disappointed and frustrated seeing this situation.”

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