People are curious to learn about the members. Well, they are named Manon, Sophia, Lara, Daniela, Yoonchae, and Megan, respectively. So, who are they? 


She is originally known as Meret Manon Bannerman. Born on 26 June 2002, she is now 21 years old. Her birth date makes her a Cancer. Where is she from? Manon hails from Zurich, Switzerland. Before making it to KATSEYE, she used to do photography modeling.


Next comes Sophia Elizabeth G. Laforteza. She was born in the same year as that of Manon. However, a few months later- more precisely, on 31 December. That means she is a Capricorn. She is a Filipina.


Another member of KATSEYE- Lara Rajagopalan. She was born on 3 November 2005, making her a Scorpio. She is just 18. Even though she hails from Los Angeles, United States, she is ethnically Indian.


In reality, she is known as Daniela Avanzini. She is from Atlanta, Georgia, and was born on 1st July 2004. At present, she is 19 years old. When it comes to her ethnicity, Daniela is Venezuelan and Cuban. 


How can we forget about Yoonchae? Her full name is Jeong Yoonchae. Hailing from South Korea, she was born on 6 December 2007. She is still a minor, being 16 years old now. Yoonchae is biased about BTS and the Blackpink singer Jennie. 


Lastly, she was originally known as Megan Meiyok Skiendiel. Born on 10th February 2006, she is now 17 years old. Another minor? Yes! Megan hails from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is quite funny in real. Besides music, Megan is also a fashion model. She previously participated in Paris and LA’s Fashion Week. 

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