It has been reported that the five-member South Korean girl group NewJeans will be appearing in the Kohaku Uta Gassen on New Year’s Eve for the first time, even before their official debut in Japan. While fans were jubilant, there seemed to be mixed opinions online, with some saying, “There are too many K-Pop groups” and “Japanese artists should be featured.”

 Sankei Sports reported on NewJeans’ participation in “Kohaku” on the 29th. According to the article, it has been decided that NewJeans will appear on a New Year’s Eve special program from South Korea to the United States, and there is a high possibility that they will appear in the recorded video in the second half of the program. Since NewJeans has not released songs localized for Japan, the same newspaper said, “It is extremely unusual for a group whose Japanese debut is undecided to participate,” and if they were to appear on a recording, they would receive special treatment on par with the big names. is.

 NewJeans, which debuted in July last year, is a five-member group consisting of Minzy, Hani, Daniel, Hyerin, and Haein. A multinational group consisting of three members from South Korea, one from Australia, and one from Vietnam, their 2nd EP “Get Up” released in July of this year reached number 1 on the US Billboard’s main album chart “Billboard 200”. It gained worldwide popularity by staying in the rankings for a long time. “Ditto”, released in December last year, became a long-running hit, exceeding an unprecedented 500 million streams on Spotify.

As mentioned earlier, they have not released any songs for Japan, but in August they made their first appearance at the large outdoor festival “Summer Sonic” and appeared on a large music special program in Japan. The above-mentioned “Ditto” was nominated for the excellent work award, which is a candidate for the grand prize of this year’s “65th Japan Record Awards”, despite being a “non-Japanese song” with lyrics in Korean and English, and on the 30th, it was aired on TBS. “Shining!” will be broadcast live! It has been decided that they will appear at the Japan Record Awards.

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