I.M., member of the K-pop group MONSTA X, and now an accomplished soloist, has released his new E.P. ‘Off The Beat.’  With six new songs, each embodying a unique story, the album incorporates hip-hop with ‘atypical’ musical elements from various genres such as soul, R&B, and bossa/Latin music. 

The focus track, ‘LURE,’ is the first to stand out as a unique musical endeavor, showcasing I.M’s musical expansiveness between his vocals and his rap skills. With a punchy beat and Latin-influenced guitar sound, the tune becomes tangible in the listener’s mind. The opening starts with soft guitar strumming that lures us into upbeat hip-hop and trap sounds, carrying into smooth vocals. Ending with a type of serenading tone with the lyrics “Want ‘em to know for sure, can’t keep it on the low, babe can you love me out loud,” I.M sure aims to hold onto the theme of ‘temptation’ and luring his listeners in to the lyrics.

Each song on the tracklist unveils I.M’s current identity and different aspects of his daily life. ‘Bust it’  conveys his self-confidence over a strong trap sound, ‘X0′ is a smooth sound that draws someone in late at night. ‘Skyline’ with its rhythmic beat and tempting lyrics. ‘MMI’ contains self-confessional lyrics in an uptempo exotic melody. ‘nbdy’ is where one is faced with the emptiness of someone’s absence. 

I.M (아이엠) – ‘LURE’ Official MV
I.M (아이엠) – ‘Slowly (Feat. 헤이즈)’ Official Visualizer

Who Is I.M Of Monsta X?

I.M (아이엠) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and rapper under Sony Music Entertainment Korea. He is the maknae of the boy group MONSTA X, a former member of the project group Y TEEN, and a former member of the pre-debut group Nu’Bility.

He made his official solo debut on February 19, 2021 with his first digital mini album Duality.


From 2013 to 2014, I.M was a member of the pre-debut group Nu’Bility, formed by Special K Entertainment. Though the group attended a few events and released content, it never made its official debut.

2014–2015: NO.MERCY, debut with MONSTA X

He participated in the Mnet reality survival show NO.MERCY. Introduced at the eighth episode, later than all the other trainees, he ended up being part of the final lineup and as a result debuted with MONSTA X on May 15, 2015, with the mini album Trespass.

2016–2019: Mixtapes

Between 2016 and 2019, I.M released a few mixtapes. The first, called “Who Am I” and featuring YESEO, was released on May 5, 2016. He also released “Fly With Me” and “Horizon” on February 20, 2018 and April 19, 2019 respectively, both with a music video. In 2019 he also recorded an audiobook of Oscar Wilde’s The Happy Prince for NAVER.

2021: Solo debut with Duality

In June 2020, I.M mentioned he was interested in releasing a solo album eventually. In January 2021, Starship announced that I.M would have his first official solo release at the end of February. The first poster was released on February 7, revealing that I.M’s solo debut would be on February 19 with a digital mini album titled Duality. The album is deeply personal, and shows a side of him different to the one he shows when with MONSTA X. As its title hints, the songs evoke various kinds of duality, like, for example, the one between the illusion of happiness and trying to convince yourself you’re fine when in reality you’re in pain, and they explore intense feelings, both positive and negative.

2022: Departure from Starship Entertainment, new agency

On August 8, Starship Entertainment released a statement announcing that all of the MONSTA X members, except I.M, renewed their contracts. I.M decided to not renew his contract but he will continue to participate in the group’s future plans.

On November 15, I.M signed an exclusive contract with Sony Music Entertainment Korea.

2023: Overdrive

On April 19, I.M launched a new YouTube channel hinting at an upcoming solo return. Sony Music, also announced that they would be launching a new official website on May 16.

On May 16, it was announced that he will be releasing a new EP titled Overdrive on June 23.

2024: “Slowly”, Off The Beat

On January 12, 2024, I.M announced that he will release a digital single on January 23. On January 15, the title was revealed to be “Slowly”.

On March 12, it was reported that I.M will be making a comeback in April. The next day, it was announced that he will be releasing his second EP Off The Beat on April 3.

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