EVNNE is ready to show the unseen side of the boy band as they strive to be the ugly duckling of K-pop.

“The seven members that form EVVNE joined ‘Boys Planet,’ but none of us made it into the final nine contestants [for ZeroBaseOne]. Our second EP contains our not-so-smooth story, the pain we had, how we grew stronger and how we grew up,” member Ji Yun-seo said during a group interview held in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, ahead of the release of EVVNE’s second EP, “Un: SEEN.”

Boy band EVNNE consists of Keita, Park Han-bin, Lee Jeong-hyeon, Yoo Seung-eon, Ji Yun-seo, Mun Jung-hyun and Park Ji-hoo — who each joined Mnet’s boy band survival show “Boys Planet” last year. But none of the members made it to the finals, with Park Han-bin finishing in 11th place, Keita in 12th, Lee in 15th, Yoo at 16th and other members getting eliminated from the show earlier.

The seven members debuted as boy band EVNNE last September with their first EP, “Target: ME.”

“I saw a sign that read ‘ugly duckling’ when we shot our MV — and I think that depicts the story of EVNNE […] just like how the ugly duckling was ridiculed but turned to be a swan, I hope EVNNE also stays strong and improves itself to be a shining idol, artist and role model for someone,” Ji said.

The lead track expresses the nature of freewheeling rascals in a colorful and dynamic way


“Un: SEEN,” EVNNE’s second EP set to release on Monday, comes four months after the band’s debut EP, showing both the “rascal” side of the band as in its debut EP and its new “vulnerable” side.

“The album is divided into two concepts: We have the ‘rascal’ side, which is the strong and rough side of the band, and the ‘vulnerable’ side of the band, which shows the inner side of us. […] We went for the contrasting concept to show what we are capable of,” Park Han-bin said.

The lead track of the EP, “Ugly,” which combines the tech house genre with strong beats alongside groovy R&B styles, leans more toward the ‘rascal’ side of the boy band, according to the members.

“The lead track expresses the nature of freewheeling rascals in a colorful and dynamic way,” Yoo said.

“While the title ‘Ugly’ may sound negative, it’s a song that shows EVVNE’s unique colors as we are here to shamelessly and pleasantly accept that even our hidden side is still a part of ourselves.”
The EP also includes four b-side tracks: “Syrup,” “K.O. (Keep On),” “Chase” and “Fiesta.”
Keita, Ji and Lee took part in the lyric writing of “Syrup,” while Yoo and Keita contributed to the lyrics of “Chase.” Keita also took part in the lyric writing and the songwriting of “Fiesta.”
“All our members are very much interested in lyrics and songwriting, and we’ve been doing it for quite a while,” Yu said.
“It was always a dream for me to participate in album production, so I’m very glad that I was able to write songs for both our debut EP and our second EP,” Ji said.

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