A single song released in 2024 by the Korean boy group “RIIZE”. A pop dance song that creates a retro atmosphere with a piano riff and beat. The music video was shot in Japan, and each member is dressed as a Japanese high school boy, depicting Japanese schools, uniforms, and commuting by train. The story of falling in love with a high school girl in such a life is depicted in the lyrics as well as in the music video, and is peppered with scenes that we Japanese people can’t stand. An emotional confession song that’s perfect for winter, along with NewJeans’ “Ditto.”

RIIZE 라이즈 ‘Love 119’ MV

The group could dominate 2024, having released a series of huge, internationally successful singles. The rookie outfit are fast becoming the name to drop in K-Pop circles, having shares wonderful releases such as ‘Talk Saxy’, ‘Get A Guitar’, and b-side track ‘Memories’.

‘Love 119’ stays true to their roots – the title is a reference to South Korea’s emergency number, 119. Irresistibly catchy, the single allows each member of RIIZE to shine, building to something seamless, and unified.

The video features some expert choreography, with RIIZE members SHOTARO and WONBIN participating. Watch out for that additive ‘1-1-9’ point gesture – it’ll be trending on TikTok in no time at all, we predict.

Source 1: Korepo.com. Source 2: Clash Music