NEXZ is a global boy group consisting of YU, TOMOYA, HARU, KEN, SEITA, YUHI and YUKI.
NEXZ was born from “Nizi Project Season 2,” a Japan-Korea joint audition project by JYP and Sony Music.

NEXZ means “Next Z(G)eneration.
The “N” and “Z” stand for the proof that they were born from the “Nizi Project,” and the message is that the members who lead the next generation will gather to deliver new music and performances and open up a new era. This is the message of the Nizi Project.
In announcing the group’s name, J.Y. Park told the members, “We named the group with the hope that we will open up the future with the new generation.

On December 18, 2023, “Miracle,” a song written and composed by J.Y. Park, which was performed on the final stage of the audition, will be distributed as a pre-release song.

NEXZ has grasped their dream, and their challenge has only just begun as they prepare to make their full-fledged debut.








What Are The Members Of NEXZ

  • YU (ユウ) 2005.4.27 From Japan
  • TOMOYA (トモヤ) 2006.1.19 From Japan
  • HARU (ハル) 2006.1.23 From Japan
  • KEN (ケン) 2006.9.13 From South Korea
  • SEITA (セイタ) 2006.11.28 From Japan
  • YUHI (ユウヒ) 2007.5.11 From Japan
  • YUKI (ユウキ) 2007.9.20 From Japan
NEXZ – New JYP Boys Group

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