Here is the message from DNA Entertainment:

First of all, we sincerely apologise for giving you short news about our artists: HAN EUL, DA UN, Ul YEON, DONG IN, and HWAL CHAN of GreatGuys. I need to inform you that our exclusive contract with the group ends on February the 1st this year. Because of that, as soon as the current concert tour in Japan ends on the 29th January the group will only have three remaining members and the others will seek their own paths forward apart from the group. Those remaining are HO RYEONG, DONG HWI, and BAEK GYEOL. We would like to express my sincere gratitude to HAN EUL, DA UN, UI YEON, DONG IN, and HWAL CHAN for being with DNA for the past seven years and also a special thanks to all the fans who have loved GreatGuys so far, and | would like to ask for your unwavering love and support for HAN EUL, DA UN, UI YEON, DONG IN, HWAL CHAN and the new lineup of GreatGuys. We at DNA ENTERTAINMENT will always support the members who take a new step toward a better tomorrow no matter what they do. Thank you!

GreatGuys(멋진녀석들) ‘딥하게(DEEP IN LOVE) Sped Up ver.

Translated and re-worded by the Kpoppie team for better english understanding.