BoyNextDoor is coming back for a year after making their first appearance on the Rising K-pop band. The group earned popularity with their debut album, leaving them in the middle of a record-breaking price. So, fans globally are most excited for the return of K-pop rookies.

BoyNextDoor officially made its debut on May 30, 2023, with the release of his first album Who! They released two music videos for singles But I Like You, and One and Only on the 23rd of May.

The group’s debut album, which was launched on YouTube by HYBE Label has won a massive success. A lively song and easy-to-sing track for the group went viral in Korea, ranking fifth on Circle album chart with over 91’080 units sales.


KOZ Entertainments rookie group BoyNextDoor confirmed to make his comeback in April 2024. All members of the group Sungho, Riwoo Ytayun Yoshi. Taesan: Leehan and Woonhak will participate in preparation for returning return rounds!

BOYNEXTDOOR (보이넥스트도어) ‘뭣 같아’ Official MV
BOYNEXTDOOR (보이넥스트도어) ‘One and Only’ Official MV

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