Rookie girl group Babymonster topped iTunes top songs chart in eight regions, according to label YG Entertainment on Thursday.

The group topped the chart with “Stuck In The Middle,” a pop ballad tune and English-language single released Wednesday in advance to the release of its first EP, which is due out on April 1.

The six-member act debuted in November with “Batter Up” which renewed the record for a K-pop group’s debut song, generating 22.59 million views on YouTube with the music video and subsequently hitting 50 million, 100 million and 200 million in four, 18 and 53 days, respectively.

The pre-release also features only six members. but the forthcoming album will feature Ahyun, who stepped down while preparing for the debut due to health reasons.

iKON will hold a fan concert in Seoul on March 9, according to an announcement by 143 Entertainment on Thursday.

The six members wrapped up an international tour in Macau in mid-December last year that brought them to 15 cities from Tokyo and Bangkok to New York and Paris for 24 concerts in total, following the group’s live show in Seoul in May.

The bandmates also are pursuing their individual careers. Bobby is set to go live in Japan on Feb. 26 and 28 for four performances, which would be the last solo gig before he starts serving his military duty.

DK will drop his first solo album later this month after greeting fans on his own in Tokyo and Osaka last month. Ju-ne, meanwhile, is cast for a supporting role in a drama led by Lee Yi-kyung.

BABYMONSTER – ‘Stuck In The Middle’ M/V

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