TOMORROW X TOGETHER frankly revealed their relationship with HYBE chairman Bang Si-hyuk . ‘Town Star K3 ‘ , which was recently released on Diggle’s YouTube channel , featured TOMORROW Host Jonathan asked member Soobin if he used Bang Si-hyuk as an armrest.

Soobin looked like he didn’t know what he was talking about, and looked at the photo of Bang Si-hyuk and TOMORROW X TOGETHER. In the photo, he was resting his elbow on Bang Si-hyuk’s shoulder. Soobin explained that in the process of gathering to take photos, he ended up getting close to his body.

He went on to explain that he had no choice but to rest his elbows awkwardly, saying, “Shi-hyuk-san and I are not close.” When Soobin frankly revealed his closeness with Bang Si-hyuk, the representative of his agency, Huening-kai drew the line, saying, “That’s Soobin’s personal opinion. I’ve always loved Mr. Si-hyuk.”

It made me laugh. Beomgyu also added, “I love Shihyuk too.” Jonathan mentioned what Bang Si-hyuk calls him. Jonathan asked TOMORROW TOMORROW When Beomgyu was asked if he had any complaints about Bang Si-hyuk, he said, “First of all, Si-hyuk has worked very hard for us.

He even goes to America and receives songs directly from us.”

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