Run Away
Weather’s good, make-up on fleek
Rockin’ my baddest boots on my way to show up
Sweep my hair back, lookin’ right into your face
I’ma cut you off clean, blowing kisses goodbye

Toxic dalkomhaetdeon mari ijen dokae
Saekkamake tabeorin mam
Akkigo wonhaedo dabi eopseo
I know you get it, so don’t play the hypocrite

Okay, run away, run away, run away from me
Geomnamyeon naega halge geu angnyeok
Jeong geuri neon mal mothagetdamyeon
You can blame it on me

Run away, run away, run away from me
We ain’t shinin’ anymore
Neona hae garyeonhan juingong
I’ll take that ugly part

It flew like the cigarette smoke
Namneun geon eopgetji kkumieotdeon geotcheoreom
Everything just fades, nothing lasts at the end
Da baraego dala
Dusoneuro jwiryeo haedo apeugiman hae
Guess I should let go, oh-oh, ooh-woah

Run away-ay
Run away-ay-ay
Ay-ay, ay-ay

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