The year 2024 has begun, and it’s a season for new K-pop groups to leave their impact on the industry. Around 30 groups will be looking to make their comeback this year. Interestingly, several male idols who were enlisted in the South Korean military are also set to make their comeback this year.

In the midst of all this, there is a significant increase in the introduction of new idol groups. Fresh faces will make their debut on stages and will look to make a mark in the ever-growing industry. 

Let’s have a look at some of the new and upcoming K-pop boy groups fans can keep and yer for.


Eden Entertainment’s upcoming boy group, ALL(H)OURS, comprising seven members – Keonho, Youmin, Xayden, Minje, Masami, Hyunbin, and On:N – is gearing up for its debut. The team name could mean either: “ALL OURS,” signifying “everything we have,” and “ALL HOURS,” conveying “always, every moment.” Their debut mini-album, “ALL OURS,” features the title song “GOTCHA,” known for its impressive and continuous strong bass sound from start to finish.

ALL(H)OURS (올아워즈) – ‘으랏차차(GOTCHA)’ Official MV


Howling Entertainment’s newly formed boy group, WAKER has six members: Kohyeon, Kwon Hyeop, Ijun, Leo, Saebyeol and Sebum. They released their 1st pre-debut single ‘Dash’ and officically started group activities in Japan on December 1, 2023. However, they made their official debut on January 8, 2024 with the single ‘Atlantis’.



SSQ Entertainment is set to unveil its 1st boy group, DXMON, featuring six members: Minjae, Seita, Hee, TK, Rex, and Jo. The group’s name reflects their determination to “enterprisingly decide and achieve their destiny.” DXMON kicked off their journey with a pre-debut single album, ‘Burn Up,’ released on January 1, 2024. Fans can anticipate their official debut on January 17, 2024, with the mini-album titled ‘Hyperspace.’

DXMON(다이몬)- Pre-Debut ❮Burn Up❯ Official MV

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