11 long years after they were last active, K-pop duo SISTAR19 is finally back with a bang. The subunit which formed in 2011, from the four-piece girl group SISTAR, made its debut with ‘Ma Boy’, a catchy groovy track that had everyone body-waving. Now, powerhouse vocal Hyolyn and edgy rapper Bora are back with an elevated image of SISTAR19. Released in January, the pair dropped their latest single ‘No More (Ma Boy)’, a sultry pop track that speaks of love and letting go. 

Below, we chat with the ladies of SISTAR19 to find out about the preparation process for this long-awaited comeback, and why it took them so long to finally reunite on stage. In this exclusive interview, Hyolyn and Bora also share the messaging behind their new title track and what we can look forward to from this comeback. 

Here, watch the music video for ‘No More (Ma Boy) and get the full scoop from SISTAR19:

The last time SISTAR19 released music was in 2013 with ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’. How does it feel to be back officially after 11 years?

Bora: The fact that the 2 of us are able to work together again, it’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to what we can achieve together. I’m very thankful that our fans waited such a long time for us.

Hyolyn: It feels so surreal. I think it’ll continue to feel surreal until we fully start performing actively, but we are extremely excited and know we’re going to have a lot of fun together and with our fans!

What made you two decide to return as a unit after more than a decade of solo activities?

H: We’ve always kept in touch, and we’ve always talked about making a comeback as a unit. We finally found the right timing for Bora and myself, so we moved as quickly as possible to make it actually happen.

B: Personally, I always have and always will miss the stage when I’m not on it. I’ve always told Hyolyn how I wanted to return to the stage and perform, and now here we are!

씨스타19(SISTAR19) – ‘NO MORE (MA BOY)’ M/V

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