Sistar19 is back after a decade-long break, and even though they may not be 19 any more, they look forward to continuing the “Ma Boy” saga.

“We never considered the 19 [in Sistar19] to be awkward or embarrassing,” Sistar19’s leader Bora said during a group interview held in early January in southern Seoul, ahead of the release of the duo’s digital single “No More (Ma Boy)” on Tuesday.

Sistar19 debuted in 2011 as a two-member subunit of girl group Sistar, aiming to sing songs of love and emotion that a girl around the age of 19 would relate to: Bora was 21 and Hyolyn was 20 back then.

While we thought about calling ourselves 29, we were already over that age, and it didn’t fit the concept — and it was a bit of a stretch to call ourselves 39,” Bora said with a laugh. “I think [19] still fits us.”

The duo’s latest digital single “No More (Ma Boy)” comes 11 years after Sistar19’s last release, “Gone Not Around Any Longer” (2013), and almost 7 years after the group Sistar disbanded back in 2017. But the story from the duo’s debut single “Ma Boy” still continues into “No More.”

“’Ma Boy’ was about a young love; it talked about the beautiful time when you are sending words of affection to your significant other when you are putting a lot of energy into that relationship,” Hyolyn said, adding that the sequel “Gone Not Around Any Longer” was about the story of suffering from the breakup.

“Now that time has passed and you’ve already experienced your breakup, ‘No More’ is about someone who’s been through it all and who’s able to calmly say, ‘I’ll have to let you go now, goodbye,’” Hyolyn added.

Hyolyn took part in the songwriting of the lead track “No More (Ma Boy)” and writing lyrics for b-side track “Saucy.” She was also a the vocal trainer for Bora.

SISTAR19(씨스타19) – Ma Boy Music Video

Who are Sistar19

SISTAR19 is the first sub-unit of the girl group SISTAR. They debuted on May 2, 2011 with the digital single “Ma Boy”.

2011: Debut with “Ma Boy”
In mid January, SISTAR wrapped up their promotions for “How Dare You” and three months later on April 28, Starship Entertainment announced that they are creating a sub unit for SISTAR. They released a teaser on April 28. The single was released on May 3, 2011. The official music video was then released on the same day. The name SISTAR19 was meant to reflect the feelings of a 19 year old and was inexperienced in love. Their debut performance was on M! Countdown on May 5.

2013: “Gone Not Around Any Longer”
In December 2012, Starship Entertainment announced that SISTAR19 will be having a comeback in January 2013. On January 24, 2013, the duo released photo teasers of their comebacks and reported that their song will be released on January 31. On January 28, SISTAR19 released teasers for their song “Gone Not Around Any Longer.” On January 31, 2013, the official music video and single was then released. “Gone Not Around Any Longer” talks about being in love but soon drifting apart. On February 7, 2013, the rehearsal video was released.

2017: SISTAR disbandment
Starship announced on May 23, 2017, that SISTAR would disband after their releasing their final single “Lonely” on May 31.

2024: “No More (Ma Boy)”
On November 17, 2023, it was announced that SISTAR19 would be making a comeback in January 2024, almost eleven years since their last comeback. On January 3, it was announced that they will return with the digital single “No More (Ma Boy)” on January 16.

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