Renowned K-pop group SG Wannabe is gearing up for a special solo concert in March to celebrate their remarkable 20th anniversary since their debut.

In a heartfelt gesture to express their gratitude to their loyal fanbase, SG Wannabe is bringing back the highly acclaimed and beloved performance, “Our Song“, which previously received unparalleled praise and garnered rave reviews.

Our Song’ is a meticulously crafted concert experience that SG Wannabe has been diligently preparing for, with the aim of commemorating their two decades in the music industry. The show made its debut after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in January last year.

In March of the same year, SG Wannabe’s ‘Our Song’ concert, featuring their full lineup for the first time in seven years, created a massive buzz. Tickets sold out rapidly upon release, leading to additional performances that were also quickly sold out, highlighting the immense popularity of the group.

As SG Wannabe gears up for ‘Our Song,’ fans can expect an unforgettable and emotionally charged performance as the group pours their hearts and souls into making this anniversary concert truly special.

우리의 노래 Our Song
SG워너비 (SG WANNABE) – 아임미싱유 (I’m Missing You) MV


NamePosition(s)Years active
Kim Yong Jun (김용준)Leader, vocalist2004–present
Kim Jin Ho (김진호)Vocalist2004–present
Lee Seok Hoon (이석훈)Vocalist2008–present
Chae Dong Ha (채동하)Leader, vocalist2004–2008

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