Girl group New Jeans sold the most albums among K-Pop female artists this year.

According to the album sales volume review recently released by NewJeans Latest News Summary Circle

Chart, the three albums released by “NewJeans” (“NewJeans”, “OMG”, “Get Up”) were released on January 1st of this year. A total of 4,399,019 copies were sold from December 16th. With this, “New Jeans” has the highest cumulative sales share (15.4%) in 2023 among K-POP female artists.

“New Jeans” also had a strong presence on the music charts. New Jeans’ songs (“Ditto,” “OMG,” and “Hype Boy”) were ranked 1st to 3rd on major music charts in Korea for the entire first minute of this year, and “Super Shy” and “ETA” were ranked in the second half of the year. ‘ hit the charts in Korea and abroad.

Based on these achievements, ‘NewJeans’ swept the grand prizes at major year-end award ceremonies in Korea such as ‘2023 MAMA’, ‘MMA 2023’, and ‘2023 AAA’. They also became the first K-Pop girl group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards, one of the three major American music award ceremonies.

NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘OMG’ Official MV
NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘Ditto’ Official MV (side A)
NewJeans (뉴진스) ‘Cool With You’ & ‘Get Up’ Official MV (side B)

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