On December 28th, US Billboard announced “The 25 Best K-Pop Songs of 2023”. Among them, “Your City,” the title song of Jung Yong Hwa’s 2nd mini album “YOUR CITY,” released in September of this year, ranked 10th.

Regarding his solo song “Your City,” a Billboard columnist said, “The leader of CNBLUE, who has everything from modern pop to rock hits, still has a lot of crossover potential. It proves that. (The song) begins with a whistle, and that sound continues throughout the track, supporting the passionate and complex harmonies of Jung Yong Hwa as he leaves his lover. Even at the sad ending. Regardless, it had the power to convey hope to the listener towards the end of the song.”

The title song of the 2nd mini album, “Your City,” is a song that combines rock and retro, starting with a catchy whistle sound, followed by a funky electric guitar rhythm and a bass riff during the chorus. The lyrics express the feeling of leaving your side without any regrets, even though you have changed so much.

정용화 (JUNG YONG HWA) ‘너의 도시(Your City)’ MV

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