New Jeans

has achieved a groundbreaking feat for a 4th generation K-pop group by making their mark on the prestigious US Billboard main chart.

As per the latest US Billboard chart data released on December 12 KST, NewJeans has made waves with their second EP, ‘Get Up,’ reaching an impressive 156th place on the renowned ‘Billboard 200’ main album chart.

Get Up,’ initially released on July 21, not only debuted at the top spot on this chart as of August 5th but has also maintained its presence there for an incredible 20 consecutive weeks. This remarkable achievement sets a new record for the longest charting period among 4th generation K-pop male and female groups.

The title track from ‘Get Up,’ namely “Super Shy“, continues to enjoy enduring popularity on the Billboard charts. “Super Shy” has secured the 88th position on the ‘Global (excluding the US)’ chart and the 133rd spot on the ‘Global 200’ chart for 22 consecutive weeks.

Additionally, “ETA“, another title song from ‘Get Up,’ has held its place on the ‘Global (excluding the US)’ chart at 198th position for an impressive 20 weeks.

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