Netizens are reacting to J.Y. Park‘s advice to ITZY on amassing consistent popularity as an idol group.

On an online forum, netizens delved into a past YouTube moment of ITZY dining with their executive producer during their world tour about a year ago. In the screenshots, J.Y. Park is seen sharing insights about ITZY’s potential as a group, addressing the members’ concerns

In the post, leader Yeji expresses her worries about the challenges of maintaining consistent fame in today’s ever-changing music industry. She notes how trends often favor artists briefly when a song performs well, only to lose interest rapidly. She ponders what traits ITZY should emphasize to sustain their popularity.

J.Y. Park offers his perspective, emphasizing that “ITZY is among the few groups whose individual members all possess the potential to become solo artists.” He highlights their ability to sing live with a hand microphone while dancing as a key strength. 

According to him, “the person who can perform live while dancing will be the last one standing.” While acknowledging that not every group member can embark on solo careers, he believes ITZY collectively holds such potential and encourages them to plan accordingly.

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