NCT Dream‘s 2024 comeback is just right around the corner. A new Korean media report also reveals the K-pop group’s plan to go on tour in the second half of this year.

NCT’s super unit NCT Dream made their last comeback on July 17, 2023, with the studio album ISTJ. The K-pop septet’s third studio album peaked at Korea’s Circle Album chart at number 1. The group’s global presence was also evident as ISTJ ranked number 3 in Billboard’s US World Chart and stood at number 28 in Billboard 200.

After a year, the group is reportedly making a comeback with a mini album, and the fandom is ready for the new era to begin.

NCT Dream reportedly making a comeback with a mini album in March 2024

With a mini album, NCT Dream’s 2024 comeback is reportedly happening in March. The exclusive Korean media report also reveals that the group is at the final preparation stage before officially announcing the news.

Known as one of the most popular K-pop acts of the current time, NCT Dream’s last album made a personal record for the group. ISTJ’s pre-orders exceeded over 4.2 million copies and sold over 3.65 million copies within the first week of its release.

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