Girl group mimiirose is making a fresh start with two new members and a new label, Pocket7 Entertainment.
All of the original members have signed exclusive contracts with the company, Pocket7 Entertainment said Tuesday. Two Japanese members will join the group — originally five Korean artists — to bring its total number to seven. 
The group is preparing to release an album in the next three months.

“We are glad to welcome mimiirose, a group with a very unique and original music style, as the first new family members under the company,” Pocket7 Entertainment said. “Please give a lot of love and support to mimiirose, who is gearing up to take its next leap forward.”
mimiirose debuted in 2022 with members Choi Yeon Jae, Han Ye Won, Yoon Ji Ah, Seo Yun Ju and Inn Hyo Ri as Yes Im Entertainment’s first girl group, co-produced by agency Totalset. The group released its debut single, “Awesome,” in September 2022 and its second single, “Live,” last September.
The girl group garnered attention for being produced by singer-songwriter Im Chang-jung, the founder and chief producer of Yes Im Entertainment. They, and their label, later faced uncertainty after Im was reported to be involved in a stock manipulation case. The members’ contracts with Yes Im Entertainment were terminated last November.

mimiirose(미미로즈) ‘FLIRTING’ M/V
mimiirose ‘Lululu’ MV

Who Are mimirose?

mimiirose (미미로즈) is a seven-member girl group under Pocket7 Entertainment. Formed by YES IM Entertainment, and originally as five, they made their debut on September 16, 2022 with the single album “Awesome”.

The name mimiirose is a combination of mimimii, which means beauty, and rose. It likens layers of petals to outer and inner beauty, meaning that the members will bloom like mesmerizing rose.


On July 10, 2022, former Girls Planet 999 contestant Yoon Jia announced through her personal Instagram that she would make her debut as a member of the group.[2] On July 19, mimiimiii opened their SNS accounts and revealed their first debut concept film.

Sometime later in the same month, the group changed their name from mimiimiii to mimiirose across their SNS.

2022: Debut with “Awesome”

On August 24, a teaser posted on the group’s official SNS revealed that they will debut on September 16.[4] Later on August 28, they revealed their debut with a single album, titled “Awesome”.

2023: Fandom name, Comeback announcement and delays, “Live”, departure from YES IM Entertainment
On February 13, they revealed their official fandom name, “bloomii”.

On March 20, the producer of mimiirose confirmed to a fan that they were in the middle of preparing for a comeback.

On April 25, it was announced that the comeback was delayed due to their CEO being scammed by a market manipulation scam. The same day, they announced that mimiirose will make their comeback in July and that they were 70% completed with the preparations.

In May, YES IM Entertainment shared that they were working hard on mimiirose’s July comeback and were currently finalizing choreography as well as improving marketing, higher-quality content and hiring new staff. They also stated that the filming of the music video would take place soon.

In June, it was announced through the news article that mimiirose’s comeback would be delayed again, this time in September. This was later backed up by member Yoon Jia via her bubble message.

On July 13, Ilgan Sports reported that Mimiirose will be having a comeback in September. On August 21, it was announced that mimiirose will be releasing their second single album, “Live”, on September 14.

On November 21, news outlet Ten Asia shared that the members had terminated their exclusive contracts with YES IM Entertainment through a mutual agreement and will sign an exclusive contract with a new agency that consists of new staff and previous staff from YES IM Entertainment.

2024: Upcoming comeback

On March 26, 2024, iMBC announced that the group has signed a exclusive contract with Pocket7 Entertainment and is currently on preparations for their upcoming comeback scheduled for the first half of 2024 as well as two new Japanese members joining the group.


NamePosition(s)[1]Emoji[19]Rose color[20]Year(s) active
Inn Hyori (인효리)Lead Vocalist🐥     Vivid Yellow2022–present
Choi Yeonjae (최연재)Leader, Main Dancer🐈‍⬛     Sapphire Blue2022–present
Han Yewon (한예원)Main Vocalist🐿️     White2022–present
Yoon Jia (윤지아)Main Rapper🦁(formerly; 😸)     Baby Pink2022–present
Seo Yunju (서윤주)Visual, Maknae🐰     Violet2022–present

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