MAMAMOO’s maknae, Hwasa might be marking 2024 the year of Hwasa. From winning the “New Icon of the Year” award at  the Circle Chart Music Awards last week, the idol is now teasing her fans with a possible upcoming music release. In a single Instagram story, she shared a glimpse of herself in a music studio, and not just any studio, but the PWS LOGOS studio – a place familiar to MAMAMOO fans (known as moomoos).

This studio is renowned for its work with HwaSa and other members of MAMAMOO, thanks to the efforts of an amazing Korean producer. This hint has led fans to speculate that the new music and album she promised for 2024 might be arriving sooner than expected.

The Instagram story hinting at new music from the singer was met with immediate excitement and anticipation from fans. Moments after the post went live, it was rapidly shared across various media platforms, sparking a flurry of speculation and enthusiasm. Fans quickly began piecing together clues to predict the timeline for the idol’s upcoming release.

Many noted that on March 23rd, the singer is scheduled to appear at a festival. This, combined with the fact that MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is set for a comeback in February, led to widespread speculation. Fans are theorizing that the idol, known for her lion-like hair and honeyed voice, may make her return either in late February or early March, heralding the arrival of spring. This anticipated comeback is expected to heat up the music scene, following the cooler winter months.

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