Where to even begin when talking about P1Harmony? Maybe with this little anecdote they almost made me tear up as they each said their message for their fans in Hong Kong during this interview. The group debuted during such a turbulent time in 2020, during the onslaught of the pandemic. Despite this, the six-piece rose to the challenge—and knocked it off the park. Three years into the scene, they’ve already managed to sell out tickets to shows on the other side of the globe. And most recently, just closed a chapter with their sixth mini-album. Yup, they’ve been working hard.

So, maybe it’s this resilience and raw talent that made me tear up. Or maybe their choice to kick off their Asia tour in Hong Kong touched my heart. The city has been so isolated during the past three years that the group gracing the stage feels like a gift.

Leave it to P1Harmony to make their debut out of this world. We’re talking about a full-length sci-fi feature film. That’s exactly how the six members—Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob—made their first impression. But at the same time, they also experimented and played around with their style. Change and experimenting come with pressure but as P1Harmony reveals to us in this interview, they are continuously fuelled by the desire to express freedom and create unique styles. This creative thirst undeniably also brought them to greater heights. The group might only be three years old, but their Y2K-leaning sound is a hit for fans like me, a sucker for nostalgia, and those appreciating the revival of sounds of that era.

In a music scene where connecting with listeners is vital, P1Harmony is a rarity. They personally take part in making their own music. For a group that you can still consider ‘young’, that’s a feat. Did we mention they have a fun side too? After all, they’ve also achieved king-level meme status. As they kick off their Asia tour in Hong Kong on September 5, P1Harmony sat down with Lifestyle Asia for an exclusive interview where they spoke about visiting Hong Kong, self-care routines, music, and keeping the harmony below.

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