Savannah from JYP Entertainment’s new girl group VCHA predicted her big success in 2024 with her pleasant energy. VCHA will release her debut single “Girls of the Year” on the 26th , marking her official debut.

JYP is heating up the atmosphere by gradually releasing various preview contents containing hints about the concept of the girls’ debut work through their official SNS channels. Following members Lexi, Camila, and Kendall , three personal preview images of the fourth member Savannah were released at 2 pm today (19th).

In the image, Savannah is surrounded by many bouquets of flowers and presents, smiling happily. She showed a refreshing smile with her arms wide open and her favorite game console in hand, and in another image, she wore her stage costume and looked at the camera under bright lights, showing off her smile. It made my heart flutter.

VCHA’s debut song “Girls of the Year” is a song that expresses the six members’ confidence and aspirations to “become the girls who represent this year.” Some of the best writers are credited, from Marcus Andersson to Lauren Aquilina and Chloe Latimer, who have written hits across a variety of genres.

The single with the same name includes two songs: the title song “Girls of the Year” and the included song “XO Call Me.” The girls were born through the global girl group launch project “A2K”, a collaboration between JYP, a planning company representing K-Pop, and Republic Records, which is the No. 1 label in America and is under Universal Music Group, as selected by Billboard. did.

JYP is a six-member new girl group that will be ambitiously unveiled in 2024. Prior to their official debut, they were selected as one of’s 25 Artists To Watch In 2024. This single was selected as one of the “22 Most Anticipated Albums of 2024” by the US magazine NYLON, and there is a lot of interest from overseas media.

Recently , it became a hot topic when it was announced that he would appear on the opening stage of TWICE’s 5th world tour “READY TO BE”. VCHA will be performing at Foro Sol in Mexico City on February 2nd and 3rd, Allianz Parque in São Paulo, Brazil on February 6th and 7th, and Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA on March 16th.

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