Yet, but is a song recorded by Yuna. It is the ninth track from their eighth mini album BORN TO BE. It is a solo track sung by Yuna.

[유나 “Yet, But” 가사]

Whatever they say
Don’t care

온종일 우울한 표정을 해 왜, hey-yeah
(What’s the matter? What, what’s the matter?)
가만히 지켜볼 수가 없게, okay
(I can’t take it, I can’t take it)
Refresh가 필요한 타이밍 지쳤다는 말 대신에
어디든 말해봐 그대로 데려가 wherever you want

아픈 시간을 지나 (No matter, no matter what they say)
완벽해질 널 기다려, ooh
Oh, hot like a fever (Ooh)

Diamonds 눈부시게 (Ah)
반짝일 테니 don’t worry (Oh)
I got you 이미 넌 (Uh-huh)
Yeah, only one, you’re the only one (Hey)
Fifty-eight ways to shine (Uh)
가장 완벽해질 네게 (Ooh, uh-huh)
Not, not, not yet, but (Hey)

좋다가도 나빠지곤 해
Up and down 매일매일이 그렇지 뭐
Never mind, just smile and laugh it off
Yeah, yeah, gonna be alright

Nothing matters, it’s all about ya
Flawless, that’s what you are
I mеan, maybe you don’t know yet, but
Not yet, huh

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