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The Cannes Film Festival is currently trending online for the wrong reasons. 

Indian daily newspaper, the Hindustan Times, first reported that K-pop idol Girls’ Generation member YoonA was subjected to racist treatment by a female security guard at the Cannes Film Festival. 

This report was supported by a video currently circulating. It shows a female security guard in charge of the red carpet security blocking Yoona when she was about to pose on the stairs. This security guard obstructed the press cameras and hindered communications with fans.

In the trending video, YoonA is seen climbing the stairs, turning around to pose and greet both her fans and the press. However, the female security guard blocked her with her arm, urging her to move inside. Fans saw a look of bewilderment briefly passing the idol’s face, though she maintained her smile and acknowledged her fans and the press with a nod. 

Many platforms who reported shared that, though “YoonA didn’t show it outwardly, she was noticeably uncomfortable.” 

This action could’ve been swept under the rugs if only the female security guard hadn’t done it three times and only to non-white celebrities.

This same female security guard blocked African-American singer Kelly Rowland and Dominican Republic actress Massiel Taveras from taking pictures, a practice done by every celebrity except for the three prevented. In response, Kelly Rowland warned the security guard not to touch her. Massiel Taveras also expressed her displeasure by pushing the security guard’s arm away and urging the actress to move. 

This discriminatory treatment of celebrities of color caused outrage online. In several threads, many labeled the security guard “racist,” and it is being shared worldwide. Many felt outrage for YoonA, a globally beloved figure, for being treated this way. 

Some netizens claim Thierry Fremaux was to blame for creating a selfie ban. However, this wasn’t a self-photo, and YoonA and other people of color weren’t taking selfies, which bewilders many. A famous writer revealed this horrifying practice and made a separate post claiming the guards who did this actually don’t do it to white actors and laugh after stepping on their clothes and stopping people from taking photos. 

YoonA is set to release her movie “The Devil Moved In” in the second half of 2024. 

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